About Menno Haven...

Menno Haven is a youth/family camp and adult/family retreat center offering a remote setting in God’s natural creation far away from the anxiety and pressure of everyday life. Here, one may relax and enjoy the simplicity of the great outdoors . . . walk through the woods, breathe in the beauty, cook a meal, camp, swim, paddle a canoe . . . do things that challenge the body as well as the soul. And above all, enjoy the fellowship of campers and adults who share a love for nature as well as a love for Jesus Christ as Savior.

Associated with the Illinois Mennonite Conference, Menno Haven provides camping opportunities for our children, youth and adults. Our neighbors and our friends are welcome also. In addition, year-round facilities are available for congregations, family reunions, celebrations, conference and church-wide events.

Our official statement of purpose is to . . . “maintain and operate a Christian camping facility for the local churches of the Illinois Mennonite Conference, in order to more effectively serve the Church and to supplement her program of Christian nurture, worship, fellowship and evangelism.”

Our mission statement is . . . To invite all to experience God’s World and Christ’s Kingdom in a camp and retreat setting through opportunities for worship, fellowship, recreation, growth, and renewal.