Fellowship 55
October 1-3, 2013

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What is the purpose of Fellowship 55?

Fellowship 55 is a retreat directed especially towards, but is not limited to, those ages 55 and older.

Fellowship around the table ~ as Jesus shared meals with many people, so our gathering around the table is an expression of hospitality and mutual sharing. Connect with new and familiar friends, tell your stories, play games, discuss ideas, laugh together ... and eat of course!

Fellowship in worship ~ Menno Haven is the perfect setting for the quiet time you’ve been missing. TIm Schrag will provide spiritual input to nurture your faith walk.

Fellowship through service~ during our three days you’ll also have a chance to put your skills and energy towards helping to beautify Menno Haven and support the ministry it does. Choose from a variety of service projects for all ability levels; from wood- splitting to mailing, from sewing to building. Or simply spend time interceding in prayer for Menno Haven. This purposeful work will make a difference to all our guests and campers.